Lane at 7 Months

As you can see, we bought you your first sunglasses this month and you surprised us by not trying to eat them.  Instead you've eaten peas, avocados, bananas, oatmeal, sweet potatoes, apples, and have liked everything initially but have tired of it after a few tries and don't really want it again.  Instead you are still steady on the breast.  You are a petite baby (15lbs 8ounces at your 7 month weigh in) but you wouldn't know that by how often you eat.....

You are still not crawling, but are expressing mighty frustration up on your hands and knees.  You still don't have any teeth, but chew really hard on everything you can find.

The biggest change I've seen is your discovery of consonants.  You've got b's and r's down.  Sometimes you say g's and m's.  You babble to yourself or to us, but are adorably bashful around other people and give shy smiles and bury into my neck.  Your favorite person in the world is Grandma June and when you see her, no matter what state you're in, you laugh and laugh.  With new people you are very receptive if we are in sight, but if we leave the room you get nervous.

Your days are a perfect mix of giggles and fussiness, I suspect from getting overtired.  You always fight sleep and sometimes don't take your first nap until 1pm.  When you go a long time between naps, you get completely ridiculous instead of cranky and have giggle parties and kick your legs all around and we have to hold you down to get you to sleep.  It sounds way crueler than it is.

I'm still haunted by the idea of a sleep schedule, but we always find an excuse to hold off.  Knowing the transition to a house is coming, we just keep rocking you to sleep and bringing you to bed at first wake with the hopes that the family bed will ease the moving stress for us all.  Here's to seven months of getting feet in my face in the mornings.  <3


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