Things are freaking dandy.  I have a small nuclear family and who cares if we're not married or my baby won't eat anything other than carrots and chicken and breast-milk.

I have to be honest, my biggest frustration these days is not knowing how to curtain my massive front window.  I looked up how to install curtain rods and found out that most people by a rod 2 inches longer than the window frame - which means I'd need a curtain rod that was 134'' long.  No one makes that mess.  The longest generic rod I can find is 120'' and that leaves about two inches of uncovered window on either side so Colt said he'd have to make me one out of wood dowels but I said after he cleaned the gutters and he said he'd do that after he mowed the lawn and finished his "youthpool" cover and - we've become homeowners overnight and it's weird.

By the way: we made a website for Capricorn Comix.  We don't have any specific comic details up yet, but there's a cool video I made and if you check back in about a week there will be images and other things too.

I'm eating peanut butter cheesecake and I'm not in love with it.
That's why my writing is so dry.
Off to watch MadMen re-runs.

P.S. Lane is asleep...IN HIS CRIB


  1. http://www.homedepot.com/p/Allied-Tube-Conduit-1-in-x-10-ft-Electric-Metallic-Tube-Conduit-101568/100400409#.UZxfDGOnbD0

    I have an abnormally large window and I used metal electrical conduit, which is just a long metal rod, as a curtain rod. You can get brackets at ikea.

    you could spray paint the rod whatever color you wanted, but I left it industrial metal. & if one rod isn't long enough get two & buy a little connector. I bought the cheap cutter to cut it to size, you just twist the little device around until the rod snaps.

    1. Thank you!

      We did get an IKEA curtain rod, but have panel curtains that don't cover the full window, but portion it out. What did you do about fabric?


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