Lane at 8 Months


I can't call you baby Lane anymore....this has been a HUGE month for you, and really everything happened in about two weeks.

You started crawling three days ago, but only for glasses of water sitting on the floor or an Iphone.  Everything else gets an army crawl - the belly-off-the-floor crawl is reserved for those two things.  You get into a sitting position with ease now and I often wake up to you sitting beside me smacking me in the face.


You say dada and we worked hard on mama until you said it, but have since lost it to other things like ba and and brii and some awesome and very loud squeals.  You talk to me in whatever baby language I start, whether it's squeals or growls or dada's, you mimic it back.

Your pincher grasp is in full force and you're learning to pick everything up off the floor, including dirt and bugs (not that my house is exceptionally dirty or anything, but little boys find stuff....)

As far as eating is concerned, you still don't really like picking up new textures or slimy things and you're not very daring.  You like using a spoon so we put purees on the end and you can get them into your mouth, but you don't really want to touch pasta or blueberries or bananas and you'll pick up pieces of bread only to drop them once you feel the texture.  Hence, you are still all boob-fed, but we put you in your highchair for meals anyway so you can get the idea.

Your attitude has really blossomed too.  Your fussiness dissipates every day.  You are bright and excited and talkative...very very very talkative and you can play by yourself on the floor with any toy for a surprisingly long time.  I'm really happy about this development as you were a fussy baby a lot of the time.  Now you are usually only fussy when you're tired.


That brings us to the beloved sleep.  With the move, we haven't set up your crib yet (tsktsk) but have a small bed in your room.  If I try to put you down, you try to "eat" and will cry if I don't give in.  If your dad puts you down, you just roll over and go to sleep.  So he gets put on nap duty.  You take two-three naps a day depending on what time you wake up in the morning and they vary from 45 minutes to 2 hours.  At night we take a bath, read books, nurse, and then your dad usually takes over to get you all the way down around 8pm.  You sleep now, but because we don't have your crib up, I'm not comfortable going to bed while you're in a bar-free, pillow-full environment, so we move you to our bed around midnight when we turn in.  There, since I'm right beside you, you wake up to "eat" two-three times.  I don't think you need this so much as it's easy access and I'm hoping this doesn't last when we get you in your own space.

 You have waving down.  If you remember seeing someone before, you give them a big wave.  You bring your hands together for clapping, but haven't figured out how to flatten them to make the sound.  You bang toys together.  Basically, you aren't a baby anymore.  I'm surprised that I miss the days of holding you at four months, before you knew you could flail around to see what Zuko was doing.



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