Buzz about it

It's that time again.
Strange spaced-out vaccine schedule time.

We are so off the charts with the time frame it's not even funny, and if I wasn't kind of OCD it would be much easier to cope with.  In fact, I'm the one who wanted this, who sought out the right pediatrician, who asked for the best advice, who made the decision to follow it and yet I look at how many diseases Lane's been exposed to at 8 months and how many he's "supposed" to according to a little printed out chart and think - man we're way off course.  It's like he's a newborn.

I'm also terrified of needles and have been working on breeding my fears into my offspring.
Enter the Buzzy:

This magical device not only looks like a cute bee, but it vibrates and comes with these gel freeze wings.

The idea is to put it on the injection site to kind of "numb" the nerves and then to hold it close to the site during the shot to distract from the pain.  We'd been practicing with Lane all week.  He'd held Buzzy, practiced lying down and getting Buzzied up without wings/with wings.  He was prepared.  Had things gone differently today, I truly believe the Buzzy would have worked wonders.

Any mommy's out there know there's a vaccine shortage??  Apparently combo shots are on an "indefinite" backorder, so says the pediatrician although I doubt it's that extreme.  So instead of one shot, Lane would have to get three separate needle pricks today (if he were on a regular vaccine schedule, that would look like four +).  I was not happy.  I got the office to agree to hold off on one of the shots and we'd come back for it later, so he was only in for two separate shots today.

The nurses were impatient with our Buzzy and sat there staring at me while I tried to keep Lane calm.  In retrospect, I'm pretty furious about this.  I felt rushed and only put it on one of the legs for a few seconds before we flipped him over and learned that they'd be doing both shots at the same time in different legs - and I hadn't Buzzied his other leg!  I was so traumatized by this sudden change of plans that I didn't hold the Buzzy close to the shot sites during the injection (which one would I have chosen?) and Lane, of course, screamed as he had not only been properly Buzzied but was just as confused about everything as we were.

Have I said before I hate vaccines?  I'm left with this feeling of helplessness because even though ultimately I am probably hypothetically helping my child and the entire planet, at the time it only feels like knowingly hurting him.

The good news is that he has had no reaction at all to either of the shots.  No redness or swelling or fever or fussiness, like the first time around.  In fact - he's sleeping.  Thank goodness.  Next time we will arm our Buzzy-prepped selves with a double shot plan, like telling them we aren't doing two at once ever again.


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