Calm before the storm

We have been busy preparing for the Heroes Comic Book convention this weekend.  As I've mentioned before, Colt is tabeling for the first time, trying to sell his massive collection of comic books he's made since our move back from Oregon.

Not only am I gearing up to be the supportive partner, watching Lane Friday, Saturday, and Sunday all on my own, but playing hostess to three other collaborators who will arrive tomorrow evening and stay throughout.  My freezer is stocked full of cheese sticks and pizza and I've been meditating in preparation...

Lane's godfather came all the way from California for a visit this week too.

Mr. Flores is absolutely the best.  We swiped some photo ops in the park with his photographer-eye while he was here.  Lane was pretty perfectly passive - we caught his first moment's in a swing and he didn't laugh or cry, but kept a stoic miniature frown.

I've been holding on by a thread.  It's one of those periods where I can only take a day at a time, not able to look ahead even an hour for fear everything I'm carrying will fall.


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