Summer, i love you

((baby wedgie!!))

In the morning, the boys go on walks in bare feet and I get the house to myself.  I sweat.  I spin and twirl and jump and dance and then make myself coffee and listen to my fast heart. 

When the heat comes we all get in the pool and relax down into the weather.  Lane loves the pool and tries to crawl over the edge to pull up the grass and swim between us and splash Zuko.

he was in mid babble - that's not a scream i swear.

In the evening, after Lane eats an entire banana and pita and hummus and carrots and risotto (I can't believe how he shovels food into his mouth when just last month he wouldn't touch it), the boys take an evening walk and I revel in the silence, usually drinking another cup of coffee and reading something.

This life - it's not so bad.  Colt is amazing.  I knew we would flourish this way - together.

And summer always brings me back to my center.  I am best in the heat, my birth season.


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