We took a trip to Romare Bearden park yesterday.  I'm so happy the city turned this desolate stretch of parking lot into a mostly green field.  I, being the water lover I am, went straight for the splash park completely ready to throw my fully-clothed cloth-diapered little boy under a fountain, but then I was reminded Lane doesn't love water.  He totally hates it unless it's a bath.  He did the same thing he did at the beach, which was basically pretending to sleep until I let the pressure off and we just practiced walking in the soft fake grass.

Also here are some images from his birthday when we got him a birthday potty:

No one has any idea what to do with it yet.

I've been battling the no-time blues where I have a thousand things I want to do but only five minutes to do them in.  When I do get an hour nap stretch, my mind is so scattered that I do a lot of things halfway and never actually complete a task.

Lane's awake.  Here's my halfway finished blogpost.


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