Killing Jesus and Turning off my Nook

Toddler mess:

This morning, Lane woke up at 6am, an hour early.  In a groggy state, I made scones and scrambled eggs while he sat on the kitchen floor and cried.  He ate two eggs with cheese, three scones, and almost an entire carton of blueberries while I drank coffee, watching his appetite subside.

I popped him down from the highchair and lay on the couch, both of us reading books, me from my nook and him from his pile.  He crawled over to me to cuddle, grabbed my nook, and PURCHASED Killing Jesus: A History by: Bill O'Reilly for $13.  Seriously?!

I was in the process of trying to purchase This is How You Lose Her and instead I ended up with Killing Jesus.  I opened it, thinking maybe the universe was trying to tell me something, and the dedication, from MR. O'REILLY MIND YOU, says "This book is dedicated to those who love their neighbors as themselves".  I put my head in my hands.

The universe was only telling me my toddler has easy access to my credit card information.

And maybe also that there are truly crappy crap crap books on the bestseller list, so I should be writing.


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