I don't want summer to go.  Suddenly it's September, suddenly he's 1 going on 13 months.  The weather hasn't shifted yet, but I can feel it coming anyway.

Lane is very much officially a toddler.  He pulled my wallet out of my purse and stole my credit cards, he hid his nail clippers under the couch and my iphone under the refrigerator.  He walked around the table and pulled off all the paint brushes, he's shaking my eye-makeup remover all over the place right now.  This morning I found a huge wet spot on the rug from where he sneakily opened a water bottle and emptied the contents without anyone knowing about it for an hour.  

This mischief is adorable.  I'm not even sort of annoyed.  What a scientist!

He's also in the middle of another random fever.  This is his fourth fever, each one eventually breaks into some strange sickness we didn't see coming.  A rash, a bad cough or cold.  But does he slow down, act sick, sleep more?  Heck no.  Busiest kid ever.


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