Vignettes III

1. Lane took his first steps alone yesterday!  Three consecutive steps.  They were beautiful.

2. Ferber is working.  My inner battle with the method has kind of worn off.  He sleeps through the night already, with maybe one wakeup where he cries for five minutes and knocks back out on his own until 7am.  Naps are currently NONEXISTENT, but we're still working on it.

4. Proud of my brother who made this amazing collar out of leather that led to making amazing WINGS for a fashion show.  I feel like he's found his calling in leather craft. <3

5. I wrote a guest post at Stork and the Beanstalk today in honor of my birth center, that was shut down on Lane's first birthday.  The past few weeks I've been in shock about it.  I had such a normal healthy natural experience there.  I attribute that to the care I received from both my midwife (who co-owned the center), and the classes that were provided to me.  I can't imagine if this happened last year.  I would be going into labor, completely prepared to have Lane at the center, and would have been shut out at the door by the state.....

Anyway, go check out the post!!  There's donation information there if you feel moved to help.

Also:  Voted for us on top baby blogs?  You probably have seeing as we're higher up on the list than ever before!  Vote again again again!


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