Distance has a way of making love understandable

I've really been somewhere else with the loss of Alan.  Death is the greatest equalizer and in it's wake I find so much mental clarity,

I've gotten used to what it feels like to lose people over the last three years, but I was just getting comfortable again, what with Lane being born and watching him grow.  I was disillusioned yet again about time.  Remember, remember, we are all electricity.  Dying is the truest act in the universe.

Alan and my Dad had something in common:  they wanted me on stage.  With this loss, I'm pursuing an opportunity to get me back there.  My body doesn't feel the same when I move it, I've said this before....but I'm done worrying about it.  It's time.

Lane charmed Dr. K this week.  The nurses were blown away by how long he is, saying he looks like a one year old.  He was just being a golden child, smiles and socially sweet, flirting with the nurse all the way until she stuck a huge needle in his leg.  Dr. K said he's looking great.  Said "I'll see you when he's one year old."  I almost started crying right there.

Here's a fact: by the time this posts, I'll be getting my hair done, sitting for hours - hopefully with a glass of wine - and lightening up for the rest of the summer.  

Kiss the people you love.  Do it right now.  Right.now.
I'm kissing on a one-and-a half-toothed boy...


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  2. omg! that picture of you, lane, and the pisa pieces is STUNNING


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