Filmography Friday

Robin Tunney is The Craft girl!  And in Empire Records!  How did I not know who she was?

Watching The Craft last week, Colt and I were both struck with the notion that she was the original Kristen Stewart, an actress I prefer to hate, but once he put the idea in my head, I couldn't stop thinking about how Robin and Kristen look and act exactly alike: unassumingly pretty while playing a character who's too blaze' about magic to seem relatable.

We also watched Niagra, Niagra this week.  It took us three days to get through and we ultimately read the ending off a plot summary.  This was and probably solidified Robin's career, but it was hard to stomach. Colt and I ran to the comfortable arms of Smallville at more than one point during this one.

When we started Julian Po, a quirky Christian Slater-led murder mystery, I realized it's possible to get completely tired of someone's face.  Sure, so far her characters have been different and interesting, compelling in unique ways, blahblahblah, but I'm just tired of watching her on the screen.

This may take longer than I thought...


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