Lane at 10 Months

Every month within a few days of you "turning" the month-age, I would start saying you already were that age.  At 8.5 months I was already telling people you were 9, but for some reason I can't say you're 10 months old.  You're still so little, not thin but definitely not chubby.  I read a trick on how to put babies to sleep on another blog that said, "Pinch their baby-fat sweetly and pretend to eat it" (I guess this relaxes their babe but mine giggles like crazy) and I realized when trying that you don't have anything to pinch.  You are still pretty bald and must be taking after your mom who didn't have hair until she was 3.  Sorry.

You've been eating one good meal a day.  We put three in front of you, but you only chow down at dinner time.  Your breastfeeding has slowed down seriously, and you really only take about 4 sessions a day, give or take.  You still only have one tooth and despite my belief that the others are so close, nothing is happening in that mouth that we can see.

You have more energy than ever.  We have to focus on ways to wear you out, whether it's taking you somewhere to look at new things or crawling through the house or filling up the pool outside so you can "swim".  You still play by yourself often on the floor but we have to be careful of your lightning fast speed.  We look away for a second and you're standing up by the window or hammering Zuko with a wooden mallet.

Speaking of standing, any day now.  You already pull up one handed and let go for a few seconds.  You play in a squat and crawl in a bear-crawl (with your knees off the floor) and you pull up on everything.  You aren't cruising though, you just drop down to your knees and move over a few inches and pull up again.

You can say mama now, but only sometimes associate it with me.  Of course, you've got dada down.  When I say red you say ra.  when i say blue, you say ba.  (sing it with me now).  Also a few weeks ago I put your pacifier in the crib with a "say bye-bye!" and clear as day you said, 'Bye-bye'.  You've regressed to ba-ba, but you still repeat it.

You've developed a bit of a social-anxiety quirk, I'm convinced it's related to men.  Anytime a man that isn't your dad tries to smile at you or speak to you, you burst into tears.  Even too much attention from your uncle, who you've known since birth, can send you into a frenzy.  I know that's just a phase, babe.  Soon, men will be all the rage.

Putting you to sleep these past two weeks has been WAY easier.  I nurse you down most of the time, but sometimes right before you fall asleep, you wiggle in your crib and we have to rub your back until you relax again.  At midnight you still come to our bed where you sleep soundly until a 6am feed.  Sometimes you're up for the day after that, sometimes you go back to bed for an hour.  Either way, your dad wakes up with you and lets me have the extra sleep.  <3<3

((BTW: I joined the bloglovin world with the absence of google reader and have to be honest, I'm loving it.  I don't know what makes it so different than anything else, but it's been easier for me to find blogs I enjoy and there's a GOOD iphone app, already making it a step up from google reader.  You can follow us here.))


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