This is a strange and typical story:

Colt has been making orgonite, and has been in search of metal shavings to encase in resin with crystals.  A few blocks away from our house there's a brake shop and, thinking about brake shavings, he asked if they had any to spare.  He met Joel, a nappy-headed Argentinian who we actually know very little about, but who was interested in the orgonite process and urged Colt to tell him more.  Once he'd made a prototype or two, Colt went back to the brake shop and dropped some off.  A few weeks later, Joel was working as Colt and Lane were on a walk and he told Colt about a "reggae festival" he'd be playing during 4th of July weekend.  We got the address and decided to go.  

I was hesitant.  The directions placed us 40 minutes outside the city and google maps showed a tiny house and a lot of empty property and there was nothing online about any music festival on that day in that area.  When the time came for us to load into the car, I was still trying to make excuses to not attend.  Lane needed a nap, we didn't even know what time the thing started- or what it actually was- or where it actually was, but my man kept a stoic presence and was unwavering about loading the car and chose to push my protests into the background.  I couldn't wait to show up to an empty lot and a house party and tons of boozed up hippies and say, I told you so....

Insteeead, we pulled up to the "Love and Happiness Ranch", to two men corralling two wild running horses in a huge field, to tents set up and music playing and tons of food and drinks, to Little Big Eagle's home, where he was collecting donations to go to the senior olympics for archery.  This man was something else, with full on Native American dress who had prepared this festival for anyone and everyone who wanted to attend.

You can find out more about Little Big Eagle and his archery success and goals at his website.

It was beautiful.  Lane saw horses for the first time and we listened to our new friend Joel play guitar in a reggae band.  Colt and I danced while kids splashed mud all over the place.  Little Big Eagle took us into the house and put food on our plates and showed us his archery medals while children were riding horses on beautiful sprawling farm property under a blue expansive sky.

This is not just a story of coincidence.  

When I first introduced Colt to my friends, I was worried they were going to hate him.  I remember he brought these comic book trading cards and passed them out and I watched judgement spread across the faces of my closest girlfriends and I wanted to bury my head in my hands.  But a week later, my friends were still talking about these cards, how they'd spent some time looking at them and how the art was actually amazing, and one friend was carrying one around all the time.  I thought, he knows how to do magic.  On days such as yesterday, where a seemingly random pile of events lands us in a beautiful place meeting beautiful people, I think that again.  


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