Filmography Friday

After months of Smallville episodes and endless frustration with Netflix's crappy and astoundingly spastic choices, I was listening to Elizabeth Moss's interview on NPR and realized she was in Gypsy!  I had no idea, prompting me to IMDB her and see that she has a massive and varied filmography.

Struck with the idea of watching the evolution of an acting career, Colt and I researched underrated actors and actresses to choose one to follow from beginning to present day and, while I pride myself of being able to find anything online, we had a few rules to make the process more enjoyable.
  1. When searching for our actor/actress, we stuck to the younger end of the spectrum.  I'm talking late 80's, early 90's at the start of the career so the movies aren't completely buried.
  2. We wanted someone with a filmography in the 30-40 movie range.  Anything over 40 and we were kidding ourselves.  30 is pretty steep, but we had to take into account our next rule:
  3. When watching the filmography, we'd skip over TV episodes or series.  Made-for-TV movies are okay, but no episodic work.  Otherwise we'd be doing this forever.
We chose a male and female from the underrated lists: (Paul Dano for our actor and Robin Tunney for our actress) and rolled a die.  Odd for Paul.  Even for Robin.

This week we've started Robin Tunney's filmography.  I have no idea who this actress is, making it all the more exciting.

Her first two made-for-TV movies were hard to find.  We ended up watching short clips of Frogs! and Perry Mason: The case of the reckless Romeo on youtube.  Frogs! looked like it could be a hilarious choice if only I could find the whole thing, but Romeo looked pretty dramatic.

Then we watched Encino Man in it's entirety.  I would never have chosen this movie on my own being that Pauly Shore looks like Skreetch and the George of the Jungle guy is the main character (ugh), but it was AWESOME.  A 1992 gem.  Our actress, Robin, was a supporting character with maybe 5 lines and a highschool make-out scene.

I'm excited for this whole process.  I'm not by any means a movie critic, but I am stuffy when it comes to what I enjoy in cinema and I hope this process will help break me out of some of my inspirational binds.  We'll see how Robin fares in the weeks to come.

And yeah I know it's Thursday but I'll be posting these bad boys on Fridays from now on.  Hope everyone has a good holiday!


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