Shout out

I hope my Bradley girls won't mind the shout out.

We went to Nora's birthday party yesterday, an adorable blonde one year old that Lane has a crush on (or maybe that's just me).  She's part of a group of baby girls who's mom's and I all partook in the same Bradley Method birth class (yes, Lane was the only boy!) We all successfully had natural births, two of us didn't even make it to the birth center!

Looking at this picture of us, maybe a few weeks into motherhood, with our tiny bundles of blankets arranged by age, I remember this so vividly.  I was dealing with oversupply and was always armed with ten spit-up cloths to stuff down my shirt and Colt and I were completely exhausted and nervous about everything.  I remember Lorato telling her accidental home birth story an exorbitant amount of times to different groups of distracted moms.  I remember the whole experience was overwhelming.

Yesterday it wasn't like that at all.  It was awesome.  Everyone's babies are growing and beautiful, sea-legging around, curious about each other, and we all seemed a little more sane, and DANG have our babies gotten way cuter.

It's amazing, really, to watch these kids grow.  I completely believe a year from now we'll be trying to get them to sit still by themselves on this same couch, which will be hilarious.

Thanks Elisa and Ryan (and Nora!) for always being great hosts for all occasions.
I'm really proud of how far we've all come.


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