why can't we be friends? because we don't like each other.

See that epic drool string?  I think this boy is getting four teeth at once.

A few days ago, I dealt with a swell of unexpected anger from something that "happened" on the internet, and I realized I haven't let anonymous internet comments get to me since I was 16 -

I had my first blog and I was writing what I thought were awesome things when someone out of the blue said, "You're arrogant and you only think about yourself".  At the time, after an initial moment of screaming at my computer screen, I blew it off with confidence/16 year old pshh whatever (arrogance?). 

But now at 27 I want people to like me.  I want it so bad, I want to apologize for anything that gets in other people's way, like that's something I can control.  I want my edges smooth and considerate.  I want strangers to believe I have the absolute best intentions at the root of everything I do and I really want them to like me.

Why do I want that, seriously?  I've got to get over that crap, especially because I don't particularly like people back.

Here's an idea: we should all be allowed to live our lives without liking everyone and worrying about everyone liking us.

I worked myself up so big that I let it bother me for two days - how someone I didn't even know could disagree with me so disrespectfully, to act like I was an enemy - until I came to terms with the idea that I don't even want to be their friend.  I'm not their enemy.  But I'm not their friend and never will be.

So dislike away, anonymous internet commenters - I will dislike you back - and we will move on without any anger getting in the way, just a mutual understanding that we are not meant to be best friends forever.

This is a healthier way to live.


  1. You do have good intentions, and that is obvious imho. It is a shame that people are not civil. Bottom line? Mean People Suck. That is all.

  2. Ugh. That was insane. I am impressed with how well you and Ashley handled it. Sometimes I wonder in this whole crazy internet world if I am putting too much out there for the hurtful crazies to see. Sometimes I want to just shut it all down, delete everything and hide it all away. Don't let people get to you(wait that's possible?). It's obvious your intentions were good. You came from a pure place, from your own wonderful experience. Ignore the randoms and keep on.


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